Wholesale trade of frozen fish products

One of the promising areas of business development is to extend its range of frozen fish products (horse mackerel, sardinella, sardine, mackerel). Wholesale buyers who have the refrigeration equipment for various purposes with a wide range of temperature regimes, are interested in purchasing a wide range of food products to be placed for storage in cold rooms.

Whole round frozen fish Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Sardinella, Sardine and Bycatch for sale to Central Africa coutres: 

  • Mauritania - port Nouadhibou
  • Angola - port Luanda
  • Ghana - port Tema
  • Nigeria - port Lagos

The arrival of the fast-food chains, western-style supermarkets, greater awareness of frozen foods and the emergence of a generation both willing and able to try new products has meant that the market for frozen foods has made great strides.

The increasingly busy lifestyles have led to an increased demand for convenience foods, such as frozen ready meals. Also, and increasing number of people are finding it difficult to go shopping for food each day, and so more people are now buying foods for use another day, leading to an increased acceptance of frozen food use.


Our products mainly come from the Atlantic sea, well known for the high quality of its fish. The product is carefully treated, right from the parts of origin to the customer. Our aim is to conserve freshness, colour, smell and texture.

To meet these demands, we has agreements directly with the fishing fleets, assuring ongoing product availability.